Monday, January 08, 2007

t-minus Australia

sitting in a hotel room in Los Angeles. my flight for Melbourne leaves in five hours. it's a fifteen hour flight; i leave the night of the 8th and i'll be arriving on the 10th, locally.

there's a $1600 tournament on the 11th. i'll probably enter that. get my bearings, get a feel for live again.

the main event starts the 14th, with day one split into two flights. i still don't know which one i play. the event is a five-day run, so the final table is the 19th.

the structure looks tremendous. i'm always pumped for the chance to play live and i think i will do well here. but i've been saying that for a while, and i have no idea what will actually happen.

at the least, i plan to be well rested and mentally acute, which hasn't always been the case at live events.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

While you're there, get a touristy picture of yourself riding a kangaroo across sacred Aborigine lands, a boomerang in one hand and a barbie full of shrimp in the other.

Also, make sure they pay you in real money. Don't accept giant knives as payment. They're difficult to ante with.

- Landy Perose

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Cianna said...

Good post.

5:23 PM  

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