Friday, November 17, 2006

update on my poker life

Wow, I haven't written in ages. I apologize to all my readers, who have probably by this point gone from expecting new material, to peeking in every now and again to see if I decided to add anything, to giving up altogether.

After the WCOOP I decided to take a poker vacation. I was not playing very well, I was not handling the swings emotionally, and I dropped a ton of money on the WCOOP. So I decided to back off for a while, focus on the other areas of my life. I didn't touch poker for two solid weeks.

When I came back to poker, I was mentally rested, focused on my game, and playing better. In addition, I didn't have the distractions hanging over me in the other areas of my life, because I'd taken care of some things I needed to.

This has translated into several big results recently:

-4th place in the Stars Sunday $215 Second Chance, October 29, for $14,000.
-1st place in the Full Tilt nightly $163 for just over $16,000.
-tonight, I just wrapped up the UB $109 40k. We chopped heads up for $8,000 apiece.

I've also had some smaller scores (most notably first place in a small-field $109 pot-limit hold 'em tournament for $2100). A few other final tables mixed in as well. In addition I made quite a bit through backing a couple of players, as is well covered on 2+2.

Anyway, I'm travelling again soon. I may attend the Turning Stone tournaments after Thanksgiving. I'd like to get some live play in before Australia. In the meantime, I'll continue to play online. It looks like I'm going to settle into Houston for at least a little while longer, as it seems to be the place where most of my life is centered right now, and where I'll need to be to accomplish my short-term goals.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Nath and greetings from England.

Thanks for another blog. Glad to hear things have picked up now. I have been following you(not stalking!!) for the last couple of months after I was introduced to poker and 2+2.
Monday mornings are great as have a coffee and read on 2+2 how the Sunday Millions went.
I had a good weekend myself finising first and winning $85 on a 45 seater $5 MTT at Full Tilt and finishing 2nd 3 times in a $10 18MTT.
Keep up the good work matey and I wish ya continued success.
Dickie Drain

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