Saturday, September 30, 2006

downswinging in time for the WCOOP; also, Bill Frist continues to be an tragic waste of a human being

I haven't posted much lately because I haven't had anything good to report. The PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker started September 15, and I missed a lot of the early events while I was taking care of other things. I haven't cashed in a single one, though; the best I have to show is 112th in the $530 Stud Hi/Lo event that paid 72.
It's all been part of a pretty bad downswing in September. I'm pretty sure I'm down five figures-- low five figures, but that's still not insignificant for me.
The Main Event of the WCOOP - a $2600 NLH tourney - is Sunday, and after that I'm taking a serious break from poker. Not a break where I say "I'm gonna lay off for a while" and jump back in. I have some other things to deal with in the rest of my life-- buying a car, planning a possible return to school, looking for a place to live (and the possibility of it being in another city).
More later if anything interesting develops.


Oh, and Bill Frist: The moralizing senator from Tennessee is attempting to further his presidential ambitions by banning online poker as a move of moral posturing. Tonight, he succeeded in getting anti-Internet Gambling legislation attached to the Port Security bill Congress passed.

I don't know what all the implications are going to be, but it probably isn't good. If they start going after players, this might necessitate a move to another country for me.


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