Saturday, December 02, 2006

Update from Turning Stone

People tell me I should update my poker blog more. I keep forgetting that people actually read it.

Anyway, here's the latest from Turning Stone: I managed to sleep through several of the tournaments, but when I actually played I did well. I took 7th in the $300, and I won the $740 for just over $27,000. I also made it to 28th in the $600 but that didn't pay.

I just busted out of the $1000 on a pretty bad play which I've recounted several times and don't really feel like doing again.

I've been playing some cash games too-- almost entirely no-limit hold 'em; the biggest game they have constantly running is a 5/5 $500 max, but occasionally they spread 5/10 $1000 max and (more often, when the high stakes players are around) 5/10 20-to-go $300 minimum uncapped. I've done well overall, making about $4000, most of it on two nights (I dropped two buyins on my first night of 5/5 because I was dicking around way too much).

I dropped some money at shorthanded 30/60 and 50/100 limit hold 'em. I only played because there was a live one sitting in; limit hold 'em isn't my forte at all but I've recently been picking up shorthanded and I enjoy it because it's still action-packed, it just takes a very different set of skills. I was doing really well but I started running cold and got very tired, so my game slipped and I finished down $3000 or so. That's pretty bad for a session. I did pick up $1100 after getting 25% of someone who was in a good 75/150 game later in the week.

And I crossbooked someone 10% on the $740, because I was up all night playing the 300-min game and he thought I'd be too tired to do well. Still waiting to collect, but that's another $2700 in the bank.

More later; I gotta run.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah good luck collecting, hope he's on the up and up.

also, did you recall any of your live LHE hands to post any of them on 2p2?

9:54 AM  

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