Monday, July 31, 2006

brief update

i finished the day with $13,350. I am rather disappointed with my final chip count but at least I'm still there.
I had over $30,000 to begin the final level but a series of disasters (beginning with aces cracked in a $30,000 pot) started my downslide.
Will have a full report tomorrow. I am completely wiped out.


Anonymous shiela.pizzolatto said...

You need to pray for the gift of discernment so you know when to hold'em & when to fold'em.As you said before luck is a big part of it when it comes to the cards. Rest is reading your other players.Are you wearing your headphones & listening to your ipod?I am still very proud of you & excited for you.Love, Mom

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

congratulations nath!
it's crazy to be able to look my cousins name up on the world wide web and see it flashing next to madd money! it's great that you're getting to have this experience...for most it's a once in a life time thing so live it up. maybe while you're on the west coast you can come up here and hang out for a few days (elliot just moved up here to seattle and beau is still here before he moves down to new orleans for a while)...again, congratulations and we're all rootin' for you.

love shanna (

2:12 PM  
Anonymous The Totem Pole said...

Dude, I've got tests for the next week and pretty much the only time I let myself go online is to see how much you're dominating. When you win big, you gotta pay Jesse to make a video confession for the archives recounting how we kicked his ass at John Harvard's. I'm getting tired of people doubting that story.

2:59 PM  
Blogger Nath Pizzolatto said...

People doubting your verbal smackdown of The Body is completely unacceptable.

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Ed said...

Hey Nath-
Are you playing today (the 2nd)?

6:18 PM  

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