Tuesday, July 18, 2006

today's exploits

I busted out 40 minutes into the $1500 pot-limit Omaha event. I made several second best hands and kept losing my stack a few hundred at a time until it was gone. The only person at my table I recognized was James Van Alstyne. I was not asshole enough to make a WPT Championship joke. (Maybe if I'd stuck around longer and he'd gotten a big chip lead I could have been like "Hope the TV cameras don't come around now that you're way ahead, you could end up fifth!" But there seemed to be no reason to be an asshole except for asshole's sake. He seemed like an OK guy who looks overworked.)

Played some NL side games ridiculously loose-aggressive because I don't care about dropping money at 5/10 NL. I ran three large bluffs; two were successful, one was not, and the lesson of the day, again, is that if you set yourself a time limit for leaving the game you should stick to it.

I'm playing in the $2000 NL tomorrow (and by "tomorrow" I mean "in eight or nine hours"). I'm playing the $5000 NL shorthanded on Thursday whether or not I make the final table of the $2000. I'm also flying some friends in for the weekend.

Now that I realize I can definitely compete at these levels my next goal is to win a bracelet. I spent a bit of time facetiously bragging on 2+2 that I would dominate this year's World Series once I got there; now, I think I have a real shot to make another final table.

edit: I should mention that by "I don't care about dropping money" I don't mean "I wasted money"; I mean "I am free to play in the style I prefer because I don't have the fear of losing a bet if a move doesn't work out". Like, for example, if I run a $2000 three-street bluff (which I did).


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