Monday, July 03, 2006

Sundays never quite work out for me

So I took the Sunday to try to play the big Sunday tournaments online. I was particularly intrigued by the Stars $1 million being changed into a $215 with one rebuy and add-on. This gave me an advantage over all the people who got in by satellite and wouldn' t be willing to add on.

However, I didn't play any of them well. I think I overloaded myself on tournaments and just didn't think my plays through. As a result I didn't cash in anything. It probably didn't help that it's been a hedonistic weekend and all the alcohol and cigarettes were catching up.

I tried to make some back at the cash games tonight, but took some hits right before I called it a session and only ended up about $800 or so, mostly 4-tabling 3/6 and 5/10 6-max NL on Party.

I'm going to take a break again. My online poker will be limited before I leave for Vegas as I do my best to see friends and family before I go.

One thing I will have ready is a report from the 55k 3rd place finish. There were a lot of hands I wanted to single out and comment on as regards my playing style, and I've already begun combing through the hand history and writing them up.
The one thing I do worry about is that too many people will try to take some of the ideas I use and run with them the wrong way. I already see evidence of this on the 2+2 boards; people trying to "play like Nath" by being ridiculously aggressive and getting way too aggressive with marginal hands and playing too many hands, when they would be better served working on their fundamentals. You're better off sticking to a simpler approach until you develop enough as a player that you feel comfortable making difficult decisions.
OK. More later with those hands. Time to watch TV poker with the TiVo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah I don't think that environment was conducive to good tourney play.


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