Friday, June 30, 2006

tonight's stars 55k

I finished third for ~$5400.
I'm not happy.

I was dominating this tournament, completely in my zone and crushing everybody. I was playing more hands than anybody and playing them well-- my VPIP/PFR was running about 46/31 through the entire tournament
Then threehanded I started slipping a little. I gave some chips back. Then the guy on my right, a scared overbetter, opened to 420k at 30k/60k in the small blind, and I had AK and shoved him in for the last 1.5 million or so, and he called with KQ and made a straight.
I never recovered from that. That knocked me from the heights to an average stack and eventually I was crippled losing 75dd to 33 after getting it in on an AQ53 two-diamond board.

It sucks, not just missing the 9k extra, but blowing a tournament I'd been having an absolutely killer run through. They don't come often. That's why I hate large field tournaments.


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