Saturday, June 24, 2006

How my big June is breaking down

I've broken through to another level in tournaments this month. I've finally started winning at the higher levels I've been shooting at. Here's how I've done this month-- what I've won and how it's broken down:

June 8: The Big Day
I spent most of the day playing poker this day and had some big scores at Party. I finished second place in their afternoon $33 rebuy $35k for ~$7200. Later that night I played the nightly Super on Party ($150+12) and made a deal when it got fourhanded, taking $20k. (First place was $31k and second was $17k or so; in the deal the chip leader got $23k and I got the second-most money.)
That night I also finished 11th in the Stars $150 for $800. That was disappointing; 3 big final tables in one day would have been sexy.
Still though it turned out to be a ~28k day. That's three times as much as I'd made in any day previous.

June 16: Laid up at home, so I won the Stars $109r
I woke up on almost no sleep feeling really ill that Friday, either from the big meal I'd had the night before or from a virus I caught from visiting my folks in Lake Charles. Laid up, feeling terrible, I decided to do the one thing I can do when I'm bedridden: play online poker. I entered a few tournaments, but I only made noise in one: the afternoon $100+9 rebuy on Stars, where I finished 1st for about 10.5k. It was my second-biggest cash to date

June 23:
Forgot the Special, but this was a nice consolation prize
So I had laid out all the tournaments I was going to play tonight and lined up to register for everything. Unfortunately, I had crashed and burned in everything except the Stars $150 (some people call it the Stuper; I'm moving to have it called the Royale with Cheese, or at least the Royale for short). I meant to enter the $215 Party Friday Special at 9, but forgot to register. I opened the tournament lobby a full 45 minutes in advance and simply assumed I had registered. Nope.
I was playing ultra-tight in the first hour of the Stars $150 because a)I was getting no hands and b)I was playing four tables and didn't have the focus to bully the table. But I doubled up at some key points, and when I was out of everything else, I got extra-focused and played my A-game most of the way through. I blew the chip lead at two tables but didn't give up; I fought back, and I got wild as the blinds got high, but I made it through. After a grueling heads-up duel in which my opponent came back from three big blinds on two separate occasions, I closed it out for 14.5k.

So it's been a good month. I feel like I'm getting well prepared for the World Series. I've been going through stretches in the last six months where I'll have a big win or two, try to move up and break even or struggle, stop to reassess my game, and then have another breakthrough. It happened in April when I landed four solid cashes (6th in a Party Super Thursday, 1st in a Bodog 25k, 5th in an UltimateBet 200k, and 2nd in a Stars 33 rebuy), and I feel like it's happening again.

If I keep running good and I'm playing as well as I think I am I could make real noise at the World Series.


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