Friday, March 23, 2007

coming out of a slump

Quick entry. I won the Stars 100k tonight for close to $28,000. Not much to say; I played mostly well and tighter than usual save for a few screwups in the early going. Enough went my way to take it down. This is a big slump-breaker, too. Here's hoping this gives me some momentum to build on.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

the downswing continues

Another awful session puts my downswing at somewhere around $45,000 in two weeks.

I'm taking a serious break from poker. I just can't handle how badly I'm running and the massive amounts of money I'm going through.

Update from the West Coast, including my huge downswing

OK. So I ended up busting out pretty early on Day 2 of the LAPC. It was an embarrassing day for me. First, I overslept a tournament that started at 3:30. I made it in half an hour late, having lost about 3,000 chips. My table was tough, so naturally I responded by playing weakly. I was card-dead, and the one chance I tried to open to steal the blinds, I raised 20% of my stack and folded to a push.

So after this awful performance, I decided to take some time off and just chill out in the hotel. Played some online. I hit a bad stretch, and probably didn't play my best, either; I ended up down about $10,000 in this time.

After a couple of days my friend Steve talked me into coming to Vegas. My astonishing laziness meant I hadn't left the hotel in two days, and I took another day to leave, because my schedule had again become nocturnal, and I was preferring the lifestyle of sleeping in and lying around the hotel watching TV and playing online. But on March 1 I finally booked a flight and left. So after spending a week in LA, not only did I see nothing in the city, I didn't even play cash games at the Commerce. I'm really, really terrible at letting my laziness attach me to my bad habits, and the curse of the Internet just makes it worse.

Anyway, upon arrival we realized we had enough time to make it to the Venetian and play that day's event (they're having the Deep Stack Extravaganza right now; a series of $300 and $500 events with, well, deep stacks). Steve and I played but I busted shortly after the 100/200/25 level began, and he didn't take much longer.

(As a side note, I feel like I've been playing poorly in tournaments recently. I'm not being aggressive enough, because I fear that with my name and reputation, people will realize I'm full of shit when I bet so often, so I shy away from betting even when I should. On top of that, I still think I should play the hands, so I just play them passively. This leads to more difficult decisions and more getting outdrawn. In spots where raising or folding are clearly the best decisions, I call-- which is the worst choice of the three, but my attempt to compromise. It doesn't work. I am reminded of this because of my bustout hand here, where I flopped bottom two because I overlimped the button with 75o instead of raising to knock out the blinds and isolate the limper. If I raise, I win the pot; instead, I flopped bottom two pair, shoved over the short stack's push from the BB, and busted when the SB called with top two.)

I played some 5/10 NL while I waited for Steve to finish. In this time I got QQ vs. KK fourhanded and managed to drop $1000 with it. Yippee.

We left and decided to get dinner at Firefly, a popular Spanish tapas place not far from his apartment. The food was excellent although we ordered much too much of it. The Mojitos were also delicious (and of course I had several).

Anyway: I wrote more here but Blogger and Firefox combined to lose it. Great fucking pieces of software they are. I'm not rewriting this shit since it's all boring anyway. Cliff notes, I'm running like shit and ready to go home. I'm not playing online again until I leave Vegas. I will probably fail to satellite into the Wynn main event or cash in the Venetian events. I've lost somewhere between $30,000 and $35,000 since I came west. Poker sucks and the one time I try to write about it my shitty browser and shitty blogging software conspire to lose what I've written. Fuck this shit.